Candlepin Paramount Marbleized Bowling Ball 4.5"- Light Blue/Pink

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Candlepin Paramount Marbleized Bowling Ball 4.5"- Light Blue/Pink
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Select Your Options:

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  • Warranty- Bowling Ball: No Additional Warranty
  • Add a Bowling Towel: No Thank You
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  • Add Small Ball Polish: No Thank You
  • Add Moxy Xtreme Cleaner (4 Choices): No Thank You
  • Add a Thumb Grip for the ball: No Thanks
  • Add Engraving- Line 1: No thanks
  • Add Engraving- Line 2: No thanks
Regular Price: $78.95
Sale Price: $50.95
Product Information
EPCO's Flagship Ball since 1960
80% Rubber, 20% Synthetic Composition
88°D Hardness
Brilliant Color combinations
For Bowlers of all levels

Manufactured of high performance polymer rubber. Cobra Pro Rubber Bowling Balls are the new generation of Scorpion Pro Rubber material now in attractive brilliant colors. Engraved with the distinctive Cobra logo.
Designed for use on all lane conditions. 2-3 balls are typically used for Duckpin Bowling

Warranty Information:

This product is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.  Damages such as scratches, nicks, chips, etc. caused by pinsetter or foreign objects are not covered by this warranty.  All bowling balls should be used at ambient temperatures.  Bowling balls left in cold or hot environments should be allowed to acclimate to normal bowling conditions.  Damages caused by these conditions are not covered by this warranty.
The application of lane conditioners to all types of bowling lane surfaces is essential and critical to prevent both lane damage and ball damage.  Conditioners act as a barrier between the lane surface and ball surface to prevent the buildup of friction.  Friction causes lane and ball surfaces to burn.  There is no lane surface manufactured that does not require conditioning.  However, while done daily in large ball bowling it has declined in small ball bowling.  The use of conditioners also provides uniform lane surfaces for consistent scoring! 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Very often we are asked, What ball should I use?  This question is very difficult to answer.  Because of such a wide variation of small ball bowling various styles of ball delivery, speed of bowling and the lack of conditioning standards within each type of bowling it is impossible to state this is the brand, size, and weight you should use. Each bowler must determine the suitability of each brand under conditions in their preferred bowling center.


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